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In the southeast corner of Warren County along Route 6 sits the quaint nineteenth century community of Sheffield. The place looks today much like it did well over a hundred years ago when it was the site of three tanneries, the largest being the Horton Tannery. The abundant local supply of hemlock trees for tannic acid, a plentiful water supply, a location on the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad with access to the hides from the Chicago stockyards and the Atlantic Coast markets, all made Sheffield a particularly appropriate site for the tanning industry. With street names like Tannery, Leather and Horton, it is not difficult to grasp a sense of the community’s nineteenth century character. The wealth generated by Sheffield’s nineteenth century tanning industry allowed for a number of impressive Victorian homes.

On an open green situated between Horton and Church Streets and looking over Route 6, sits a large Victorian with a flagpole to its front. Essentially a tall, angular and complex Stick structure, a touch of early Queen Anne influence can be seen in the gables and the patterned chimney.

Across the green on Church Street stands another Stick style Victorian. This house has retained its decorative trusses across the gables and much of its original veranda.

Facing the above two houses from across Route 6, what was called the Warren and Ridgway Turnpike in the nineteenth century, is the monumental George Horton House built in 1889. We have commented on this Queen Anne structure at length in the Styles Section under Queen Anne. Please refer to that section.

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DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Drive east on Route 6 from Warren. The more adventurous will want to take Route 666 from Endeavor and travel east along Tionesta Creek through the forest. The road eventually turns north to Sheffield.

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