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Oil 150

From medicine to jet fuel, the oil industry has not only powered progress, but transformed the world. It all began in the United States in 1859 in northwestern Pennsylvania, when Colonel Edwin Drake drilled the first successful commercial well.

You are invited to join the celebration and share our pride in an American-born industry that has fueled unparalled progress in lighting, heating and transporting civilizations worldwide.

The OIL 150 celebration commemorating this century-and-a-half of inventions, new business models, new technologies, and family legacies in the oil and natural gas industries was a 17-month celebration from August 1, 2008 through December 31, 2009. Materials and the special website remain available.

OIL 150 educational and cultural programs include conferences and symposia, a speaker’s bureau, calendar of events, essays, classroom materials, exhibits of art works, and other exhibits, as well as public outreach. is the official website of the 150th anniversary celebration of the petroleum industry.

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