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Oil Region National Heritage Area

On December 7, 2004, President George W. Bush signed HR 4818 of the 108th Congress, which in Section J designated Pennsylvania’s Oil Region as the Oil Region National Heritage Area. This legislation established the Oil Region as the 25th National Heritage Area in the United States of America.

The National Park Service defines a National Heritage Area as a place designated by Congress where natural, cultural, historic and scenic resources combine to form a cohesive, nationally distinctive landscape arising from patterns of human activity shaped by geography. These patterns make National Heritage Areas representative of the national experience through the physical features that remain and the traditions that have evolved in them. Continued use of National Heritage Areas by people whose traditions shape the landscapes enhances their significance.

The main benefits of this designation include the following:

  • Higher profile and reputation as a National Heritage Area, such as inclusion in publications and Web sites maintained by the National Park Service and the Alliance of National Heritage Areas.

  • Access to technical assistance from the National Park Service and other state and federal agencies.

  • Authorization of up to $10 million in federal funding during the 15 year period (2005 – 2019), to be matched with Pennsylvania and other local funds to rapidly implement widely varied projects to develop, preserve and enhance the region’s cultural, recreational, historic and natural resources.

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